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masih belom mandi, buka DA, buka 9gag, sambil nntn goban si manusia tapi robot padahal udah beberapa kali nntn juga..

Finally for what you may ask?

I get to submit a few works here.
I got on better terms with some of my friends.
I liked new music (Passion Pit and Sean Lennon).
I met someone, who shares great number of things in common, could relate to me closer than anybody else before, shares almost everything actually, her.

Finally. See? Finally.
Wow, it's been a while, a long, long while, since i left DA for procrastinating reasons and apparently, laziness :P now I have returned (yay!) and now I hope to be diligent and serious enough to do it right this time! :D Well here I go, I'm off submitting a few of my sketches and soon I'm gonna post a finished art (still finishing) :D

-Fideliter Vestri, Iman :)