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Hello everyone! So the short story is: LET ME BRING YOUR CHARACTERS TO LIFE IN AWESOME 3D!

Do you need a 3d modelling services specializing in characters for your OC? Your game project? Do you ever thought of 3D Printing your beloved OC or game project character? Now you can! :)

You may have seen some of my works, and now for a modest price you can also make your OC or any characters you have in 2D to be rendered in beautiful, beautiful 3D!

Before you see the pricing however, take note that if you are unsure on whether or not you can afford a model, send me a message through here or my email at and we'll discuss. I would rather you know the exact scope of your model than leave it to speculation and assume a certain price point, most of the commissions fell into the cheaper spectrum of price range. ;)

To make the process easy, I've separated the product to these packages:

Bust Sculpt: $40 - $300+
This is usually the most sought-after package for people who want to 3D print their characters, or just view their beloved OC in all it's epic 3Dness! It's also (most of the time) the most inexpensive package too! The head and body only, but you could order it to be cropped off like bust statues of old or let it float around, maybe even add a pedestal!

Full Body Sculpt: $200 - $600+
This is for the guys/girls who want their character to be seen in all it's glory! The full body sculpt can also be 3D printed, and the same (or even higher!) quality as the Current Gen Game Models, but it's a lot cheaper! Why? Because it's a sculpt, I do not have to optimize the topology too much, and I can rig it faster and easier since I rig only to pose, not to animate etc-etc. It works best for one pose to 3D print or to be reference.
Low Polygon Models: $70 - $350+
This is for people who needs models for their indie games, an asset that is light and don't need that much amount of details. It's usually simple and the time needed isn't very long. Mostly below 3000 polygons. You will also get the texture maps such as Diffuse and Normal, even Specularity, SSS, you decide!

Current Generation Game Models: $600++
This the cream of the crop. It's a relatively high poly count yet low enough to be used for current gen gaming. Of course you will also get all the sweet-sweet maps: Diffuse, Specular, Normal, etc2. You can use it for your, say, Unity or UE4 game project.

I'm sorry I cannot provide examples yet as I've only made current game models as freelances and it has a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I have not yet created a 3D game asset personal project which I could share freely.

You can choose the stage of completion, for example:
The stage of completion will affect the pricing, although will not be over the designated price range of the package.

How Does This Work, You Might Ask?
If you want to commission a 3D character model, simply send me a note OR better yet, to my email at: There we can discuss about what you want and the details and nature of the 3D commission. From our discussion I will be able to pinpoint an accurate price estimate of the work you wish me to do.

You give me your 2D drawing and design and references; I will give you your 3D model. The more references and the more detailed the design you give me; The better quality of the 3D model will be, simple as that. :)

I'm open to work on ANY subject matter at. If you wish me to create something you wish to be kept private, please tell me beforehand, I WILL respect that and work with you in secrecy.

What Will You Get?
The model will be created and rendered (if you wish) per your specifications. Before starting to work, we will discuss aspects of the model: Textures, Poses, Lighting, Shapes, etc. along with your design and references. You will receive high resolution renders of your models based on your determined specification and design. The numbers of render shots are determined by your intentions and requirements. If you composite post-production effect works in required (graphic elements, painted hair and fur, special effects, filters etc.) addition renders will understandably cost extra. Otherwise, if you do not need post-production touches, merely beauty render from multiple angles (okay, filtering and color corrections are free, it's on me ;)), I would give you a maximum of 20 renders.

If you can view your model in 3D (through 3ds Max, Keyshot, or whatever software you use), I will give you all the source materials. The High Poly Sculpt would probably be "decimated" first to lower the polycount, and I will give you the normal map so you can view it in all it's glorious details! If you commission a game character, and have the engine, you could have free access to pose and re-render all you want! You can use it for your game projects. I can export the models as .obj, .fbx, and more.

How Long Will It Take?
The time will be decided AFTER we discuss about your specifications, if the design are clear and well-defined, and a lot of references are given, it would take no longer than a week for a bust, and would take 2 to 4 weeks for a full body, depending on the level of complexity of the model.

What Will Affect the Pricing?

Your Preparation: Design, References, etc
To make it short, if you want to make a detailed high polygon model, but can only give me a crude crayon drawing with no references, we would need to work on it first, and that can increase the price. It would be good if you can give me a detailed design and concept art of what you want me to make, model sheets and references to make it faster and better would also decrease the price as that mean I have less work to do.

Realism VS Caricature/Stylized
Realistic models take more time to make since it's very detailed, for example: I have to create the pores, all the creases and scratches in armor etc.2. More time means more cost. Stylized characters however, is faster to make and generally cheaper.

There are a lot of texture maps in a current gen game model, like specular, normal map, diffuse, etc2. Commissioning a sculpt without a texture map (like the Petyr Baelish Sculpt) will save you a lot of money. The end result would still look pretty awesome though. ;) Blackhand without Texture

Texture here I'm referring to is textures that need UV mapping (multiple colors etc2.) If you just want the sculpt to look like marbles for instance, or wood, or metal, I would render that with no additional cost.

The right pose can make your character look very cool, but how many poses do you want? Models created for a single pose is FAR easier and more time saving than models that are designed to be pose-able. If you want your character to have a single pose, it would still look awesome AND will save you a lot of money.

Revisions in the middle of working a 3D model is every modellers nightmare. If you suddenly want to add parts and change some details with the model in mid-production, it would set the entire model back a fair amount of time. If you want revisions made, it will incur additional costs, depending on the complexity of the change. When I'm modelling, I will approach you at different stages of production to get approval before moving forward. This is my courtesy intended to make it as easy as possible for the both of us. The point is so you could change what you want BEFORE I already made it. If you want to change something I already made and we had already approved, prepare to invest more money and time.

What I Wouldn't Do?
Full Rigging with Weight Painting
I will provide you with the 3D model in T-Pose ready to rig, but Rigging is not my specialty. If you want me to rig the model, I will discuss it with you to determine whether I can or cannot, depending on the complexity of the model. If I can, I will charge a fair amount of money and time.

Facial Rigging
Again, rigging is not my strong suit, I can make your character's face very expressive nevertheless, but rigging your model's face to a controller is out of my skillset.

Dynamics and Particles
I can make your model SEEM very dynamic, clothes, hairs and all. But if you expect me to make your character have actual flowing hair/clothes/cape that wraps around their body you can use readily as a game asset, it's a very huge time commitment and I'm not able to commit that much.

"Alright I'm hooked, I want one! How can I buy it!"
Yeah! Awesome! You can pay through Paypal. For people buying in Indonesia however, you can directly transfer the money to my BCA debit card. The Payment method is Half-and-Half, meaning after we agree, you pay the first half of the price so I can start working on it, and then you may pay me the other half after I'm done with your model. :)

"Um, I still have questions?"
Sure, just send it to my email at and we'll talk. See you. ;)
masih belom mandi, buka DA, buka 9gag, sambil nntn goban si manusia tapi robot padahal udah beberapa kali nntn juga..

Finally for what you may ask?

I get to submit a few works here.
I got on better terms with some of my friends.
I liked new music (Passion Pit and Sean Lennon).
I met someone, who shares great number of things in common, could relate to me closer than anybody else before, shares almost everything actually, her.

Finally. See? Finally.
Wow, it's been a while, a long, long while, since i left DA for procrastinating reasons and apparently, laziness :P now I have returned (yay!) and now I hope to be diligent and serious enough to do it right this time! :D Well here I go, I'm off submitting a few of my sketches and soon I'm gonna post a finished art (still finishing) :D

-Fideliter Vestri, Iman :)